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Now, more that ever, concerned physicians are beginning to ask about and understand the role of non-drug treatments to assist patients with headache. These therapies, alone or in mix with medications can substantially influence on headache treatment.

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This pleases me. As a Family doctor and Clinical Hypnotist with thirty years experience in the field, I applaud this trend. Certainly, a capable and thoughtful physician will struggle to help his/her patient find headache relief by whatever approaches, complimentary, standard or both. Much can be acquired if we take a look at hypnosis as a valuable tool in the fight for headache relief.

As our understanding of how the brain works and which substances or "neurotransmitters" manage our pain response establishes, we begin to presume that relaxation therapies consisting of hypnosis, may alter in a positive and basic way our brain chemistry such that discomfort relief is more likely.

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A fascinating research study was carried out with patients who learned relaxation skills. The scientists examined the subjects' monoamine oxidase levels-since monoamine oxidase is exactly what metabolizes serotonin, a pain relief chemical, and discovered modifications in those levels consistent with what you would anticipate with preventive drug therapy! The study recommends that it is not simply a matter of feeling unwinded that is necessary but in fact learning through these relaxation treatments to turn off and on certain discomfort paths in the nervous system by altering monoamine oxidase levels and consequently serotonin levels.

In this short article, I wish to introduce you to hypnosis and self-hypnosis as a method of discomfort relief for patients who suffer from headache. Hypnosis is fun, efficient, peaceful and has no negative effects.

Exactly what is this thing they call hypnosis? No, Virginia, it is NOT clucking like a chicken, barking like a dog or being 'put under,' helpless and at the control of the master. Rather, for many people, most of the time, it is a concentrated state of attention or harmony. It is quickly attained by going to a professional knowledgeable in hypnosis. This enjoyable state has two fascinating and helpful residential or commercial properties:

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It is profoundly peaceful. In our demanding lives what individual would not enjoy a couple of minutes of deep relaxation in the middle of the day from hell!
The mind becomes open to favorable and restorative ideas. Just recommendations given with your approval and for your very own benefit are accepted. Nobody can be required or coerced into doing something they do not wish to do.
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When I assist patients use hypnosis for headache and tension, I use them headache specific tips as well as relaxation and tension reduction guidelines. I get to understand my patient not simply as Mr. Jones with a headache, however also as a real person in a stressful situation. It's part of mindfulness cause or effect.

As I are familiar with him, I will develop for him the 3 components necessary to our success:

In order to benefit from the treatment he should be motivated. Motivated to wish to utilize hypnosis for his purposes, not mine, and inspired to put aside ten minutes every day to develop, via hypnosis, relaxation adequate to impact on the discomfort chemicals in his brain.
For this gentleman who is utilized to firing individuals and constantly being in control in a "one up one down" situation, I should merely be his assistant. Without this relationship, hypnosis will not be efficient.

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Third, I must make certain he has sufficient hypnotizablity. Most of us can experience hypnosis without difficulty. Probably, just about 10 percent of us will not be able to delight in the hypnotic process. I have little to stress over with this client. Most high functioning individuals in our society have great hypnotic skills, as hypnotizability is related to imagination, intelligence and creativity. It what we explore at the life coach wellness retreat.
After a short explanation of hypnosis and after gaining his consent, Mr. X was hypnotized to take pleasure in some deep relaxation.

Naturally, like numerous clients he had anticipated to be 'put under" as he had seen on the stage. Prior to his hypnosis, he was notified that this would not happen but nevertheless, in spite of his level of awareness, the relaxation and capability to accept suggestion would be pleasing to him.

With this mixture of trust, inspiration (based on right info) and hypnotizablity, I was not surprised that Mr. X achieved some initial success at relaxation using hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

He was very positive about the hypnosis that we did. He reported that the relaxation lessened the discomfort from his headache.

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It is a principal of hypnosis that ideas require support. In addition, practice and repeating are needed to establish these abilities so they can produce both a biologically medicated discomfort relief (via altered brain chemicals) and a psychological consistency that helps the client offer more easily with everyday stress.

Similar to the majority of my patients, I asked Mr. X to reserve ten minutes day-to-day (ideally at work and without interruption) to pay attention to an podcast that I created for him to regain the unwinded sensation and increased suggestibility that he experienced in my office. With some practice on his part, I was positive that these everyday and pleasant session would strengthen favorable ideas associating with his specific headache and mindset towards work.

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When last I asked he reported an enhancement in the severity of his day-to-day headache. When once again, he said he had little time for treatment but he was enjoying the 10 minute practice sessions by means of his tailored podcast.

This particular case history will show to the reader the worth of utilizing non-drug therapies to assist in discomfort control. Human beings are complex animals who may have many various "triggers" for headache.
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To summarize, hypnosis works and enjoyable and provides an effective complimentary or stand-alone treatment to those who experience headache. Tension reduction and relaxation techniques have an essential role to play in the treatment in among the more vexing problems physicians face in practice, the patient with headache.

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